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Unleash your imagination with Taika Ring. Shatter tech expectations and rewrite boundaries of the world around you.

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Taika Ring for personal use.

Empower your everyday

Ease your daily tasks and enrich your tech interaction with Taika Ring, a gateway to a digitally streamlined life.

Icon lamp

Enhance your environment

Craft the perfect setting with a wave of your hand. Taika Ring intuitively adjusts your home's lighting and climate, creating comfort that adapts to your needs.

Icon TV

Conquer couch time

Dictate your media experience with smart gestures and air mouse functionality. Taika Ring makes you the conductor of your media orchestra.

Icon barbell

Personal fitness

Enhance your fitness routine without interruption. Adjust your workout ambiance and manage your playlist with simple gestures, maintaining focus and flow with the Taika Ring.

Taika Ring for commercial use.

Build your business

Reinforce your work with Taika Ring – where tech meets efficiency in a new era of business operations.

Icon present

Engaging public speaking

Command the stage with confidence. Navigate slides, manage lighting, and time your talks perfectly, making every word count.

Icon basketball

Dynamic sports coaching

Bring interactive learning to life. Use the inertial data from Taika Ring to build advanced sports analytics products.

Icon hotel

Hospitality with flair

Enchant guests with seamless service. Control room settings, check-ins, and ambiance, making every stay memorable with Taika Ring.

Taika Ring for the bold.

Spark your spirit

Explore unconquered layers of tech innovation with Taika Ring.

Icon VR glasses

New realities

Use Taika Ring as your discreet pointer for in virtual and augmented realities.

Icon party

House party maestro

Be the ultimate host. Manage playlists, lighting, and smart home ambiance, crafting the perfect vibe for an unforgettable night.

Icon camera

Photography reimagined

Adjust camera settings, switch between modes, and snap the perfect shot. Taika Ring is your unseen photography assistant.

Icon compass

Adventure unbound

Trek, climb, or explore with Taika Ring as your compass and toolkit, guiding you through the wildest adventures with a flick of your finger.

Icon shortcut

Shortcutting made simple

Run scripts, cue scenes, and switch feeds without missing a beat or a word.

Icon brush

Artistic expression

Unveil your creative genius. Taika Ring lets you manipulate digital art canvases and switch between tools without ever lifting a brush.

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Find answers to common questions about using Taika Ring.

Which devices does Taika Ring support?

You can pair it to BLE devices. Out of the box, it can control multimedia, snap pictures, or work as a mouse. Our app enables integration to smart home systems or any other devices on your local network.

How do I control a device?

You can use both touch and motion input. Touch input like taps and swipes is great for fast and simple controls, like clicking, play/pause, on/off, switching songs or powerpoint slides. Motion input like turning your hand fits tasks requiring precision, like controlling a cursor on a screen or getting the brightness or volume just right.

Can I customize it?

Absolutely! We have made preset modes like 'music mode', 'lighting mode', and 'mouse mode' for you, but you can always reassign the controls to different inputs according to your preferences and usage patterns in few clicks in our app.

Can I control many devices?

Yes! Taika Ring can be connected to 3 devices at the same time, and you can control them all. You can have modes tailored for specific devices and switch between them with the mode switching feature, or you can even control multiple devices within one mode.

If I want to build custom apps, what am I working with?

Our BLE interface grants you access to all sensor data from Taika Ring. For inputs, you can use touch data including touch gestures like taps and raw touch data, and motion data including orientation, acceleration, rotation, and magnetic vector. For outputs, you can control the LED of the ring. System features like timeouts and some sensor polling rates can be controlled through the BLE interface.

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