Taika Tech Origins

“Taika” means magic or spell in Finnish.

Every kid wants to have magic powers. At Taika Tech, we never gave up on that dream. We’re a tight-knit group of people who have come together to bring a touch of wonder and joyfulness into our lives through technology.

What we do is 90% technology, 5% art and 5% fooling around.

Meet Our Founders

Get to know the minds behind Taika Tech.

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Jaakko Rantala

Co-Founder and CEO

Jaakko is a visionary leader with a passion for technology and innovation.

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Konsta Venn

Co-Founder and Ring Master

Konsta is a passionate engineer who loves to defy convention.

How We Got Here

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Jaakko and Konsta Meet in High School (2012)

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Become Roommates at Aalto University (2016)

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Taika Tech Takes Shape (2021)

With the aim of making smart home technology enjoyable and accessible to all, Jaakko and Konsta co-founded Taika Tech.

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From Vision to Reality (2023)

We created the first Taika Ring prototype and conducted extensive user testing, refining our idea based on hands-on feedback. This step was crucial in shaping the final product into what it is today.

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Taika Ascends: The Launch (2024)

Taika Tech is on a mission to gradually replace subpar electronics with high-quality, user-friendly products. We envision a future where technology is subtly fused into life, making it less obtrusive yet more beneficial.

Behind the Scenes

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Ready to take control?

At Taika Tech, we believe in the power of intuitive technology. Our smart ring uses gestures and touch to seamlessly control devices around you, making your everyday life smarter and more convenient.

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