The Spatial User Interface

Taika Ring

No remotes

No hassle

Just point.

Draw a circle ◯ towards your lights to turn them on. Cross ╳ them off.

One ring to control your TV, sound, curtains, smart sockets, or any other IoT device.

Using your home has never been so convenient.

Taika Ring
Move mouse inside the picture
Living room
Point me
Point me
Point me
Smart ring Smart ring and locators
Taika Ring
or other pointing device
Taika Locators

About Us

Founder team of 5 people

The mouse of smart home

In the 1980s, Apple made computers usable to the masses by introducing their Graphical User Interface (GUI). This was the revolution of personal computers.

In the 2000s, touchscreens made electronics part of our day-to-day life. This was the revolution of smartphones.

Today, in the 2020s, our Spatial User Interface (SUI) will make interactions with the surrounding electronics instant. This will be the revolution of Internet of Things.

Our first product is an interface where applications are used by pointing – with a smart ring, at first.


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