Immerse yourself in a unique beta product experience. Become one of the first 75 in the world to own, influence, and innovate with Taika Ring.

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First to the future

75 Taika Rings.

75 hand-picked pioneers.

Think about your favorite device. If you’d been one of the first to access it and take part in the development that millions of users benefit from, you’d have a different relationship to it.

You’d be proud and excited when you saw it – at a restaurant, in the office, even featured in a movie.

Taika Ring is the world's first smart ring with touch and motion input combined with dynamic mode switching. Its potential for personal and commercial use is limitless.

Our quest is on: bringing together the world’s most talented and innovative tech-minded folks to harness Taika Ring’s power.

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What's in it for you?

As a founding member of Origin_75, your benefits extend beyond being one of the first people on earth to own a Taika Ring. You also play a big role in shaping our product. Your feedback will help us refine every detail, and you’ll get to watch an incredible piece of tech grow and evolve. The cherry on top? You’ll get the final version of the Taika Ring later this year for free along with other exclusive perks.

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The first

Distinguish yourself as a trailblazer. Being a member of Origin_75 grants you early entry into a whole new era of wearable devices.

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Monetize Taika apps

As one of the first users, you’ll have the advantage to build the first apps leveraging Taika Ring. Our example apps are open-source, so you own anything you create.

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Exclusive access

When it comes to new concepts or accessories like indoor positioning, members of the Origin_75 have priority access for testing them.

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Release version

As a showing of gratitude, you'll also get a free Taika Ring when the final product goes live later this year.

Applying for Origin_75

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Application submission

Submit your application detailing your background and how you intend to use Taika Ring. We value innovative thinking and the ability to push boundaries.

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Handpicked participants

We're not just picking anyone. We're seeking tech enthusiasts and innovators who love to explore and tinker with emerging technology. Inclusion in the program operates on a rolling basis, so early application improves your chance of selection.

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Enrolling in Origin_75

Upon selection for this exclusive opportunity, secure your place among the pioneering 75 by purchasing your seat in the Origin_75 program for 499€.

Taika Ring features

Taika Ring revolutionizes the way you interact with your devices. With intuitive gestures and touch at your fingertip, you can effortlessly control your smart home, smartphone, and more.


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Touch input

A touchpad covers the side of Taika Ring, supporting tap and swipe input for instant control with your thumb.

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Motion input

Taika Ring measures the orientation, rotation, and acceleration of your hand, unlocking smooth control and air mouse functionality.

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Mode switching

Taika Ring features three programmable modes, enabling changing between devices or functionalities. Switching between modes is done by tapping the top of the ring.

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LED output

Programmable RGB LED keeps you up to date about the state of Taika Ring.

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Supports BLE connections to up to three devices simultaneously. BLE interface and all data is open to you.

Hardware specification

Icon cpu chip


ARM Cortex M33 running at 78MHz. Includes ML accelerator and BLE 5.4 connectivity.

Icon microchip


Touch sensing, 3D accelerometer, 3D gyroscope, and 3D magnetometer.

Icon battery


15-18 mAh curved lipo battery depending on the size of the ring.


Icon developer mode


Via our app, and supports custom solutions.

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Water resistance

Taika Ring is waterproof, so you can go about your daily life without worrying about it.

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Wireless charger with magnetic snap-on attachement included.

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Taika Ring is available in US sizes 9-13. Free sizing kit included.

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